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Metaphysical Quest

Trying Desperately To reach the unconquerable world Of the metaphysical. I stand                                                             […]

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Captain Marvel: The Significance of a Female Superhero on the Big Screen

By Sadiyah Tariq SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t seen the movie, and plan on watching it, I suggest doing so before reading this article. If you have watched the movie, or don’t plan to, then by all means, read on. Just know […]

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A Soulmate

By Alexis Mitchell I am a staryou are a starWe, are all stars And until the Earth calls us homewe are just another sparkle in the sky And when it is our timeWe’ll take human form,And discover a life through flesh, blood, […]

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Lady Killer

By Sadiyah Tariq “All women are crazy, you can never tell whatever they’re thinking about in their pretty little heads,” he bellowed, swiping his hand at the air as if to swipe the topical fly away. How could he think like that, […]

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Womanhood, Identity, and Transnational Feminism: A Discussion with Dr. Jeong-eun Rhee

By Paola Guzman Jeong-eun Rhee, Ph.D., is a professor, writer, daughter, mother, wife and a woman. At 23-years-old, Rhee migrated from Korea to the United States to pursue her master’s degree in Education Psychology from West Virginia University, later earning a Ph.D. […]

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Reclaiming the Word

By Andrew Schlosser I had an undergraduate class at St. Joseph’s College where we discussed the many lenses through which one can look at literature. One of those lenses was feminism. On one occasion, the professor asked the class if we considered […]

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is Trying. You’re not.

By Catalina Benavides Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, or better known by the nickname given to her by mainstream media,  AOC, is the youngest woman, at 28 years old, to win a seat as a congresswoman representing New York’s 14th congressional district. She is […]

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Cultural and Gender Expectations: Detouring the Narrow Path

By Sadiyah Tariq From the day we are born, our parents and all the media we consume distinguishes the divide between what is meant for girls, and what is meant for boys. Growing up in a Pakistani and Muslim household, with very […]

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