Just A Girl

By Hassa Coming to The United States made me excited. Bags packed, clothes bought, I was more than delighted. I Couldn’t wait any longer for the land I had dreamed of. Closing my eyes made me think only about the downtown. lights on buildings that inspired me and made me dream big, everything that makes

Music on the Mind: Jon Bellion

By Michael Ampofo Imagine musical storytelling on a whole new level. Think of music that takes the best parts of Kanye, Eminem, and Coldplay. Now, picture that feeling you get when you watch a Pixar movie, the timeless joy and upbeat enjoyment you experience. Those characteristics and those feelings are aspects AMerican artist Jon Bellion

A Quest for “Cannery Row”

By Thomas Fahy The shops lining the waterfront of Cannery Row cater to a much different clientele than the men who worked in the sardine canning factors of the 1930s and 40s. You’ll find an abundance of sunglasses, year-round Christmas socks, candy, and Bay Area key chains as you dart into Starbucks or grab yogurt