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The Argument Against Five-Year-One-Line-a-Day-Doomsday-Journals

By Pearl Emerson Summer 2020 was awful, no doubt. Depending on where you lived in the United States, you were either locked down, or you worked so that the economy didn’t collapse. Because it was our job to work so that people […]

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A Collection of Entries

by Nicholas Frank This year has been a crash course in all things destructive. As much as I want to be a force for good in a world that fuels hatred, it’s not possible when I ignite that fuel and burn myself […]

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by Melkisedec Faton I want to pull ideas from my mind with ease to illustrate concepts across blank canvas With the brushes of individuality and free thought To write the pinks and blues that describe me for me In the name of […]

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Autumn Reflections

by Evelin Figueroa Lush foliage forms green lace above my head I look up and behold  Light that spills and drips like  forgotten bath faucets  and bubbles that burst and pop Warm, crisp autumn air Kisses the skin I’ve scrubbed almost raw […]

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by Emmanuella Agumba I am Emerging  From the dirt, so brown  and grass so green.  I am growing big and strong  like the oak tree.  I am growing  past the blood, dripping  from beneath the ivory knee. Saying “I can’t breathe”, They […]

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A Buffalo Plaid Chrysalis

by Gina Mingoia Eight-year-old me was incredibly concerned with the mental health of caterpillars. In third grade, we did a unit on monarch butterflies. We were each assigned our own caterpillar to observe as it grew into a butterfly, but as I […]

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The Brick Builder

By Isadora Petrovsky   Made of red dust and sediment Stacked precisely Cracks filled in I build my walls again   You do not see me crumble Though things always seem to fall apart I quiver and shake Breath is short, lungs […]

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A Soulmate

By Alexis Mitchell I am a staryou are a starWe, are all stars And until the Earth calls us homewe are just another sparkle in the sky And when it is our timeWe’ll take human form,And discover a life through flesh, blood, […]

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