Women to Read

By Paola Guzman For a long time, the writing world was dominated by male authors, only leaving a small space to women. Moreover, the women who filled that space with important stories and beautiful word-smithing, were often looked down upon. When male authors are primarily taught and discussed in academia, it’s easy to remain in

From Phone Calls to Slidin’ into the DM’s: The change in interpersonal relationships due to the effects of social media, technology and time.

By Catalina Benavides With the advent of social media and all the advances in technology, meeting new people is now easier and quicker. And although we have tools at our disposal- like cellphones and every social media account ever- meeting people has become less personal and more stressful. Why? Because we have chosen to replace

Film Friday: “2001: A Space Odyssey”

By Josie Rerecich 2001: A Space Odyssey is a 1968 sci-fi film directed by Stanley Kubrick. Based on the novel by Arthur C. Clark, this film tells a story of human evolution, artificial intelligence, space travel, and much more. The film begins like a nature documentary. It shows primitive humans who are more ape than


By Sadiyah Tariq A long time ago / I remember that Spring Just after the snow / you got up to sing I was mesmerized / I was in awe I was paralyzed / in the wake of the thaw To hear the voice / of an angel on Earth And I made the choice

New year, New You?

By Alecia Miguel Okay friends, the holiday season is over! And it’s almost that time of year where all of the new year’s resolutions get announced on Facebook. Often times at the top of the list is the goal to lose weight, or to go on a diet. But the reason everyone gets sick of