Masks and Colors

by Kaelem Von Camper Sitting in class, I zone out,  Breathing into Masks and cloth. Each breath Heavier than the last,  Time passed, I’m Tired. Fogged up glasses, Frustrations, Irritations,  Black skin turns Red. Air travels through 2 filters, integrating with the […]

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Stuck in Isolation

by Laura Walters No light at the end of any tunnels I go down. No rain as I’m stuck in the desert. No rainbows after the storm. No celebrations at the finish line. Everyone always talks about the end, It will be […]

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To the Man at the Diner

by Gina Mingoia To the Man at the Diner, The one right before the merge on 25A, you know, the one I went to every Wednesday, hidden behind two masks and a bottle of Purel—I hope you’re doing well. I miss our […]

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