It’s All About Connections

by Kylie Brown

My mom teaches seventh grade reading.

She guides her students to make connections,

instructing them to pay close attention as they read,

so as to hone in on important links hidden in the text.

When I was a little kid, 

I always wanted to have my mom as a teacher. 

I wanted to sit in her cozy cinder block classroom 

with its dozen bookshelves overflowing 

and read and read and read.

We didn’t live in the district though, 

and when my seventh grade year came, 

I sat firmly situated in my own school, 

where reading class was substituted by language arts 

and standardized test prep

and grammar.

Now, as I approach college graduation and search for a job 

I hear over and over again 

that connections are key,

it’s all about connections.

And I think

That my mom must be a really great teacher.

Too bad I never got to be in her class.


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