Stuck in Isolation

by Laura Walters

No light at the end of any tunnels I go down.

No rain as I’m stuck in the desert.

No rainbows after the storm.

No celebrations at the finish line.

Everyone always talks about the end,

It will be better when this and when that.

What about now?

There will be no company today.

The desert gets hot, unbearable.

The storm gets hard to weather.

The finish line keeps moving.

No one talks back, just the voice inside my head.

No one can shade me from the heat.

No one to hold the umbrella.

No one to end the race.

Hard to tell when and if the happy ending is coming when time stands still.

It’s hard to convince myself that this is not permanent. 

But, there’s always that one thought amongst all the happy ones. 

What if this is it?

All I have is dark tunnels, hot deserts, constant storms, and long marathons without a finish.

And worst of all, 

I’m alone.


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