Bed of Earth, Blanket of Stars

Poem and Art by Jaclyn Holliday

lying still, just me 

a speck 

under the never ending road of stars 

with no city lights to drown out her beauty. 

i reach up to hold hands 

with the massive exploding ball of gas. 

i cant touch it 

but i feel her energy breathing life into my tiny body. 

pitch black encompasses my vision 

with only her light reflecting off the tip of my nose. 

my neck twisting and turning 

to capture every inch of the illustrations above me. 

i see stars, 

some moving, most still. 

i see Half Dome, 

with a resting lone hiker laid out on the rock, 

fulfilling another dream on their bucket list. 

i see a blanket of serenity. 

i wish i could lay here 


my mind buzzing with new thoughts 

on my existence and what it truly means to be present. 

breathe in 

is there a difference between living and existing? 

is my perception of reality the same as everyone else in my world or do we all construct our own version for ourselves? 

what’s out there beyond what my human eyes can take in? breathe out 

i lounge on the grassy cushion in awe 

that this is what has been above me every single night for the past 21 years and it’s the first time that i’ve been able to truly experience it. the unpredictability of what could happen tomorrow is stripped away with the comfort that every night 

she is watching over me 

beaming bright.


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