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Masks and Colors

by Kaelem Von Camper Sitting in class, I zone out,  Breathing into Masks and cloth. Each breath Heavier than the last,  Time passed, I’m Tired. Fogged up glasses, Frustrations, Irritations,  Black skin turns Red. Air travels through 2 filters, integrating with the […]

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Stuck in Isolation

by Laura Walters No light at the end of any tunnels I go down. No rain as I’m stuck in the desert. No rainbows after the storm. No celebrations at the finish line. Everyone always talks about the end, It will be […]

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To the Man at the Diner

by Gina Mingoia To the Man at the Diner, The one right before the merge on 25A, you know, the one I went to every Wednesday, hidden behind two masks and a bottle of Purel—I hope you’re doing well. I miss our […]

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Bed of Earth, Blanket of Stars

Poem and Art by Jaclyn Holliday lying still, just me  a speck  under the never ending road of stars  with no city lights to drown out her beauty.  i reach up to hold hands  with the massive exploding ball of gas.  i […]

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My Emergence

By Lee Metaxa Rozenfeld Emerge, according to the Merriam-webster dictionary, is a term defined as “to become manifest” or “to come into being.” This term resonates with me in oh so many ways, and has been especially prevalent in my life over […]

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by Ian Tang When you leave your cave, The light will be softer than when you entered, The bats that dart from wall to ceiling will have found a place to rest, The cacophony will individualize and recede. Over time, The upward […]

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Quarantine Joy

by Emmy Belcher When quarantine first began there was a sort of excitement about it, at least for me. It was announced that classes were to be online for just two weeks, and my best friend and I decided to go to […]

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Musings at 2AM

by Isadora Petrovsky My ex didn’t believe in essential oils But I like the smell Cold brew coffee with agave Ice with a shot of milk Slips down my throat with antidepressants Never thought I’d say that Also didn’t think I’d be […]

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Coronavirus Days

by Samantha Scarito  It has been two weeks 14 days of almost isolation  336 hours of some stress some peace 20160 minutes of waking and sleeping Over a million seconds of unfamiliarity, change Let me tell you what I miss dearly I […]

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