By Sadiyah Tariq

A long time ago / I remember that Spring

Just after the snow / you got up to sing

I was mesmerized / I was in awe

I was paralyzed / in the wake of the thaw

To hear the voice / of an angel on Earth

And I made the choice / to show you my worth

The happiest years of my life / were spent with you

Trekking the wildlife / exploring the view

Staying at home / in bed in your arms

Thinking about Rome / or maybe a farm

Idealizing the best / we could get out of life

Knowing we were blessed / when I became your wife

I never wanted this to end / was never my intention to

But you were a godsend / and Hers to take back too

So I stand here / on this cold Valentines day

Watching the snow disappear / thawing in the silence of midday

The petals of my bouquet fall / along with my tears

On your grave standing tall / my late and dear, Emily Pierce


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