Autumn Reflections

Artwork by: Ganga Pradeep

by Evelin Figueroa

Lush foliage forms

green lace above my head

I look up and behold 

Light that spills and drips like 

forgotten bath faucets 

and bubbles that burst and pop

Warm, crisp autumn air

Kisses the skin I’ve scrubbed almost raw

And anointed with oils and perfume

and the sounds of the forest swell and fall

like a sacred chamber ensemble 

Missing clues yet creating symphonic bliss

Thick wooly sweaters keep me from 

the slight shiver of autumn

hums and sliding harmonies 

modulating and softly bending the corners 

Of notes, like a dog-eared page 

everything exist independently of me, and

yet my perception sheds a light of the validity of their existence 

I am simply an unmoved observer

In this untouched pocket of creation

Whom and Why?


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November 14, 2020


November 14, 2020