Coronavirus Days

by Samantha Scarito

 It has been two weeks

14 days of almost isolation 

336 hours of some stress some peace

20160 minutes of waking and sleeping

Over a million seconds of unfamiliarity, change

Let me tell you what I miss dearly

I long for the days I spent at a desk, bored to tears of the same old lecture

Taking walks as the moon watched over me, the stars counting my every breath 

The warmth of a friends arms surrounding me in a hug, safe and snug

New voices that bring new opportunities with a handshake to say hello

A planner so full with events they pile to the next page

Sunday’s at the church pews, hands raised in worship with delicious snacks to follow

White square walls of a small room I called home, all untouched and waiting for my return 

All these things I called mine,

All these days I felt in my control,

I have learned that nothing is granted

And to appreciate every moment as a whole


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