by Emmanuella Agumba

I am Emerging 

From the dirt, so brown 

and grass so green. 

I am growing big and strong 

like the oak tree. 

I am growing 

past the blood, dripping 

from beneath the ivory knee.

Saying “I can’t breathe”,

They act like they don’t hear me. 

I will live beyond what they expect of me

Life expectancy, 

Mine isn’t long. 

As a black woman, I was told I had to be strong. 

I had to be fearless and I had to be proud. 

Yet, it seems like those very things 

Are exactly what puts me in the ground. 

The fear doesn’t stop me. 

I will continue to fight.

For the needs of my people

Our people,

Day and night. 

And it will be hard, 

They will try to break me down because they refuse to see.

Though, my heart still beats, 

My wounds still bleed,

But they recover and push me

As I continue to be 

What my ancestors dreamt of. 

A woman who is unstoppable, 

Who won’t be taken advantage of: 

By society, 

By life,

By pain, 

By strife,

“But Still I rise” right? 

I will Be Taller, 

Grow Smarter, 

and Stand Stronger, 

Like a towering Oak Tree, 

Growing from the dirt so brown

And grass so green. 

I am Emerging.



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