By Daniel Fouzailoff

Perhaps you may call it insane but I have no shame
In saying that like a masochist I enjoy the pain
The pain, of looking into your eyes
Your eyes, which serves as your best snare
For it stops all thought and traps me like a caged bear
The mere presence of you takes my breath away
But I’ve been hardened to keep those feelings at bay
They are not worth to have their own say
Why do we make it hard for them to be released into the light of day?
Surrounded in a room but in my heart there’s only you
Your discreet thief of a smile is such a tease
Slowly softening and carrying me away like a disease
For the longest time I remember, I’ve dealt with things with a passionate fight
But that scorching fire is replaced with another when you are in my sight
To feel this organic pain, is truly a blessing don’t you see?
For it is far better than apathy
Did you know that in Latin, “Passion” means “to suffer”?
That is why I embrace the pain, for it can only be held by the most courageous Lover



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