Creative Outlets for Everyone

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by Catherine Charles

As college students, we can get stressed and overworked with everything that’s in our lives. Whether it’s school, work, relationships, or anything really, we all need outlets. Sometimes it’s not easy to find out what our outlets are, so as a fellow college student, I’ve compiled a list of some creative outlets, from music to writing, that may be able to help!

  1. Coloring. Art can release stress! Many places now sell adult coloring books to help students and adults relax without having to do anything else that may cause stress.
  2. Youtube. Youtube can be considered one of the best creative outlets known to mankind. Youtube isn’t only for music. It’s used to share funny videos, DIYs, and vlogs. It’s filled with so many categories that can help you relax without knowing it!
  3. Spotify. Another great musical outlet. Spotify is filled with different kinds of music and playlists made by people just like you. Having the perfect playlist can give you a stress-free environment, whether you’re working out, cleaning, or just want to  wind down after a long day. Another good thing about Spotify is that it makes playlists for you based on the type of music you listen to.
  4. Wattpad/Inkitt/Radish/After Dark. All four of these stress relieving sites  have the same thing in common: they’re great for reading and writing very out-of-the-box stories. Reading brings you to another world, especially reading a book that differs from the ones that you’re used to reading from Barnes and Noble. The same for writing. When writing a story, you can tell it in whichever way you want without any restrictions. Take a break from real life and enter your own world!
  5. Drawing. Even when you aren’t the best artist (like yours truly) drawing is another great outlet to explore. Whether it’s drawing with pens and paper, or just throwing paint on a canvas, being able to express yourself through art , can release a huge amount of stress that happens in the day.
  6. Yoga. Yoga is a physical stress relief that isn’t only good for exercise. Doing yoga brings energy and a sense of relaxation you may not have thought was possible. Aligning the chakras can help relax your mind and get more creative!
  7. Tumblr/Reddit. Tumblr and Reddit are two popular blogging sites that are used to post anything you can think of–pictures,stories, life experiences–and they are a great  way to express whatever you need to say, if you want to stay anonymous.
  8. Talking. Finding someone you trust and discussing your feelings with them can also be an outlet for you. Bouncing ideas off of one another can help produce intense creative energy.

Any one of these things maybe able to help you. Just try out a few and find your passion.

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Post Confessionals:What’s your creative outlet to stay stress free?

As a fellow college student, I always want to  know how some of my friends, or classmates, even strangers, stay stress free and calm during the school year. So I asked around and here’s what I got!
“When I’m stressed out I like to draw in my sketch book, and it helps me with my anxiety and not overreact to small things!”
Cynthia Federico, Art Education
“My creative outlet to have a stress free year is, online shopping. Whenever I have a break or any free time, I’ll just go and online shop. My bank account may get stressed but I’m not!”
Briana Sokenis, Childhood Education
“To stay stress free I like to read books because it takes me away from the stress that I’m feeling, and plan out painting I would like to do!”
Charli B, Adolescent Mathematics
“I feel like getting your work done in time, helps you stay stress free, because you’re not rushing to do it. Being positive, coming to school everyday with a smile on your face, and leaving your problems at home, gives you a different energy!”
Jezail Pena, Sports Management
“A stress reliever for me is probably playing a sport, which is mostly soccer, or running or going to the gym. Maybe films.”
Oliver Bennett, Marketing
My creative outlet is definitely music when I get stressed I plug in my earphones and sometimes I’ll like take the songs I’m working on in my vocal lessons and classes and sing through them and I feel like it adds oomph to the piece.”
Ricky Dobbs, BFA Musical Theatre
“A huge stress reliever for me is dancing! I love to play some good dance music, like reggaeton, and dance around my room, I get out a lot of energy like that!”
Nancy Texis, Health Sciences



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