Feed Your Creativity

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by Alecia Sexton

Oftentimes, human beings forgets that it’s not only important to feed our bodies, but to also feed our creativity. With everyday stresses and obligations, we all too frequently fall victim to bad habits. For example, around every corner is a quick and convenient eatery that specializes in making bland, nutritionless and lifeless food seem appealing. However, while the frying process is one that is adored by many, it’s the farthest thing from what our bodies and our minds need and crave in order to thrive.

Especially in light of the upcoming fall season, with its flavorful harvest, now is a better time than ever to visit a local farm stand, or even the produce section of the grocery store, and pick out some colorful fruits and veggies that you never tried before. You’d be surprised at just how packed with flavor some things are. Grilled butternut squash mixed with rice, cauliflower, and grilled lemon pepper chicken is much more satisfying than the dollar menu cheeseburger, I assure you.

The best thing about cooking is that even if you’re not a chef at heart, anyone can do it — provided you don’t burn things while checking Instagram! There are a ton of simple recipes that can be found on Pintrest, and you may even be surprised at how good it feels to have spent some quality time making quality food that tastes and makes you feel great. Even the American Heart Association agrees that a “healthy diet rich in colorful fruits and vegetables can increase vitality and help lower your risk of many serious and chronic health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, and some types of cancer.”

Adding creativity to your kitchen, palate and body can easily be translated to other parts of your life. It’s important to remember that positivity breeds positivity, and that oftentimes when we open the door to just a few different things, we end up discovering so much more about ourselves and life in general.

Being an American living in the twenty-first century with a McDonald’s and Wendy’s around every corner, we often forget this detail, and that’s because the people cultivating and producing our food like it that way. They want the tons of trans fat, sugar and salt doused on fries and milkshakes to make us forget that humans were never meant to consume such things in such large amounts. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a Five Guy’s indulgence once in a while, but when it becomes a ritual…then we have problems.

The diabetes epidemic facing the United States is perfect proof that the way we are eating and living is negatively impacting us down to our core.

While the scope of this argument goes far beyond what can be discussed in a short article, there is something small that each and every one of us can do to prevent the demise of our vitality, while also supporting our physical health, and it starts in the kitchen.

Food is literally medicine. If you delve into history books or do a quick google search, you’ll find that people have been using food as medicine to treat everything from rashes, to fatigue, to upset stomachs for centuries.

There is in fact a light at the end of the tunnel, and the nice part is that it’s in our control!  It starts in the kitchen… in the grocery store, actually. We often forget that where we choose to go and what we choose to spend our money on has a great impact on the way of the world, and has the ability to make a change.




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