Women to Read

By Paola Guzman

For a long time, the writing world was dominated by male authors, only leaving a small space to women. Moreover, the women who filled that space with important stories and beautiful word-smithing, were often looked down upon. When male authors are primarily taught and discussed in academia, it’s easy to remain in that cycle and not look for the many talented female writers that exist! Here are a few of my favorites:

The Bell Jar– Sylvia Plath: Plath is a renowned author who discusses issues of mental illness–although not explicitly–and conveys a story of vulnerability and what it’s like to be a woman in a big city.  

Frankenstein– Mary Shelley: At only nineteen-years-old Mary Shelley published Frankenstein, a book that is read and discussed till this day!

The House on Mango Street– Sandra Cisneros: Sandra is a powerful Latina writer who captures the Latino experience in a unique and interesting way!

Milk and Honey– Rupi Kaur: This book is a collection of poems that describe the woman experience. Kaur is extremely raw in her poetry and forms a profound connection with anyone who reads it.

Jane Eyre– Charlotte Bronte: This book made me self-reflect on what my values are as a woman and at what cost will I defend them. Jane taught me that there is no cost. Your beliefs and values are worth more than any relationship!



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