Zombie Contingency Plan: Use a Brain Before You Lose a Brain

By Myles Goldman

Zombies are becoming more and more relevant to the point where the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has put together a contingency plan in case there were to be an outbreak in the future. However, what if Post wasn’t so lucky and somehow the student body experienced an epidemic?

The Pratt Recreational Center would be turned into a clinic.

The Pratt Recreational Center is the ideal place to separate the infected from the non-infected students and faculty due to the size and segments within the building. The basketball court would be the intake area where anybody on the campus would be evaluated and treated for any disease-related symptoms.

Within the building are the racquetball courts; those courts would act as the ideal quarantine area due to the visibility of the court from the hallway.

Science professors and graduate students would work overtime.

Since the entire campus would most likely be placed under quarantine as a whole by the government, not many doctors or scientists would be available to access the campus to provide aid to the student body and faculty unless given instruction by the US government.

Commuters would be evaluated before on-campus students.

Students who live off campus come from all over Long Island, and those areas house wildlife that can be carrying the disease that is most similar to the “zombie virus,” which is rabies.  

While being infected with rabies is very rare due to modern-day medicine, the symptoms are still frightening. According to the CDC, the symptoms of rabies are delirium, agitation, abnormal behavior, cerebral dysfunction, anxiety, hallucinations and insomnia, which can only become more deadly if the disease mutates within the host.


While modern-day medicine is so effective, you still never know what could happen. However, if Post was affected by a zombie epidemic, we now have a plan!





Myles Goldman
October 31, 2018 at 9:47 pm

The more you know!

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